Economic Empowerment

Economic Empowerment base on Extension education and Cultural transformation

such as

  • Provision of social services to the community within and to the adjacent communities
  • Provision of conservation education to the NCA communities and adjacent communities
  • To strengthen economic generating groups within and adjacent villages for example, beekeeping, Dairy cattle, hand craft
  • Beekeeping project by providing beehives, honey containers and protective gears and marketing of products associated with beekeeping.
  • Ujirani mwema (Outreach programme) meetings.
  • Strengthening of communities income generating projects on beads work, handcrafts within NCA
  • Energy serving stoves technology introduced to the communities to reduce environmental destruction.
  • Support for community based organisation for environmental conservation activities
  • Support for income generating groups under CBO's within NCAA
  • Conservation education awareness for primary and secondary schools and the community
  • Construction of poultry houses brooders and Stocking the already existing chicken raising groups.
  • Training/seminars for leaders of poultry keeping groups.